Our Company Clients

Our clients include

  • Transit Agencies
  • The Veterans Administration
  • The Department of Labor

Sample Past Performance

  1. Cybersecurity, Governance, Risk and Security Certification for Department of Veterans Affairs
  2.  Development of Enterprise Security Risk Management Program for Atlanta Transit Agency
  3. Security Training: IT Governance, Risk, Security, FISMA, HIPAA, HITE, OMB compliance for Department of Labor
  4. DevOps and SAFe Agile Development for Commercial clients
  5. Developed more than 100 policies and procedures identified in a gap analysis

Sample Results and Outcomes

  1. Performed qualitative and quantitative risk assessments for critical infrastructure that contributed to infrastructure funding approval
  2. Performed FedRAMP security assessment and authorization program resulting in cloud certifications
  3. Successful consolidation and deployment of 25 legacy applications to Azure Cloud
  4. Remediation activities that resulted in >90% reduction in Privacy vulnerability findings
  5. Reduced cost of running containers through enterprise architecture redesign